With his daring personae tampering with the sounds of dancehall, hip hop, and rnb, Kurt has been successful in persuading his audience to surrender to change under his unorthodox lyrical style, and musical concepts. His vibrato is reminiscent of the early rnb sensation Tevin Campbell, and his smooth, sensual, vocal texture is often compared to the likes of El DeBarge,  Babyface, and Michael Jackson. Kurt Legacy is without a doubt, a true master of his Art, holding titles: singer, song writer, producer, arranger, dancer, and even engineer. His tremendous vocal ability, heart throbbing lines, and uncalculated moves goes to show that he is something more than just an artist. When asked to explain his genre of music, the artist stated “Rnb is what I sing, pop music is what I do, reggae/dancehall is my culture, and hip hop is simply the flow, that’s the shortest I can put it”. In today’s society where originality is often diluted, Kurt is sure to spin a surprising twist when he starts to deejay, dubbing him nothing short of an thrilling entertainer.

Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. It was while attending  Knox College, at age 14 that Kurt became friends with John Hacker, a music teacher who collaborated with him and dorm-mate Sean Holland in producing his very first single “Having Fun”. The single gave him his first exposure to the music industry, stirring up noise in the Caribbean and landing him on the number 2 spot on Radio Cayman charts. After graduating High school, Kurt later moved to Florida where he attended college and found himself working with many different producers at different stages of his life, which sometimes stroke unacceptable deals and compromised his sound. Deciding to branch off on his own, he then constructed his own recording studio, and formed a production team which featured renounced musician Benjamin Jackson who helped him in molding and capturing his composition.
Subsequently producing and writing for other Artists with his production company "New Hites Production LLC", Kurt came back on the scene in 2010 releasing several street singles which created local attention in his city of
Fort Lauderdale. The street releases lead to the collaboration of Grammy winning producer Jason Gilbert on "Make Money", as well as, working with Multigrammy winning engineer Mark Lee on "So Fly". Need less to say, it was the single "If I Said.." featuring Kyapi that stirred much attention to Kurt Legacy, landing him on several charts locally and in the Caribbean, including number one on CVM's on the rise Chart, as well as; Hype tv's top 10 singles chart. The follow up single "Perfect Luv" brought about a change of pace, revealing a more conscious side to Kurt on a One Drop Rhythm. The Single opened up a broader demand for his music spanning even more over seas to countries like Kenya, Germany, France , UK, and even leading him to being selected as the first artist for World Star Hip Hop Dancehall Caribbean. Due to the unexpected and early request for more music and bookings, Kurt declined all shows in an effort to complete his up coming album "This Time Around". The quest brought about many changes in the production company, expanding, recognizing and incorporating key elements that would be instrumental in the release of the album.
 Finally after a decade of transformation, anyone willing to observe the artist movement through the undergrounds to the main stream will truly see a prodigy in the making. Now prepared to prove himself with his line up songs, Kurt says that he is ready for the world, and hopes to offer music that will inspire, regardless of genre, topic, or style.
We Killed IMFest!!

We Killed IMFest!!